Love/Hate Relationships with Freight Brokers Part 2

Hello there! Before we get into our part 2 installment of our 3 part blog series on Love/Hate relationships with freight brokers I want to let our readers know exactly what we do at Insure Logistics and how we can help your business.

In the large scope of things we simply connect businesses with transportation services (trucks) to transport your freight.  Our specific niche is we connect our customers with transportation services seeking to transport time-sensitive freight within an acceptable time-frame.

As I discussed in our previous blog post HERE, adding an expedited freight service provider to your business simply improves operations. We can help grow your business by providing an additional avenue you can rely on to satisfy the expedited freight needs of your customers.

This means we can help you find service providers when the freight needs to be at your customer’s location in an expedited fashion. This may not be a service you need now, tomorrow or next week but we certainly anticipate there will be times when it’s critical to get your commodity to your customer.

In this day and age, everyone including businesses is seeking to receive their goods in a timely manner. Whether unexpected circumstances occur in the supply chain or your customers are simply requiring a quick turnaround in fulfillment of their goods, we can help secure the trucks you need, sometimes as quickly as that same day requested.

Hope this gives you a good insight and what we do and how we can help your business grow. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or thoughts you may have. Without further ado let’s jump back into part 2 of love/hate relationships with the freight broker.


‘Looking good in your customer’s eyes’

No matter what we do in our day to day lives we are all looking for acceptance of a job well done. The thought of someone praising you with compliments gives you a sense of happiness knowing that you did a good job.  How does this tie into the love of freight brokers? Simple, we provide an additional avenue you can utilize to look good in your customer’s eyes.

Think about a scenario where a large customer that you’ve worked with for years suddenly comes to you requesting a load be delivered in 2 days.  Obviously, this is not normal procedures but it’s kind of difficult saying no to large customers without exploring options.

Knowing that you have expedited freight service provider in your back pocket will provide you the peace of mind knowing that you can satisfy any requests from your customers.


‘How did he come up with the rates?’

If you have ever been to NYC, Chicago or any big city for that matter you have been enticed to walk into a store just because of the displayed items you see through the window. These transparent windows allow you to view the items before even setting foot in the store. In the Freight brokering world, you simply are not provided transparency on how rates are obtained.

As a freight broker, I can tell you it’s not that we don’t want to provide transparency but rather it’s difficult to explain the process of obtaining rates.

Rates are obtained by reviewing load details of the commodity, weight, distance, fulfillment requirements, diesel prices and available contacts (truck drivers) willing to do that lane.  As you can see, there are a lot of details it takes to obtain rates.

My advice is to use a trustworthy freight broker in conjunction with freight rate data. At Insure Logistics, we aim to earn your trust by providing content that will aid you in your everyday life of securing trucks for your freight. In addition, every Tuesday, we provide up to date posts that you can see HERE where you can review current going rates at a national level.

I hope you enjoyed our part 2 commentary on love/hate relationships with freight brokers. If you enjoyed this post, please share our blog post or leave a comment on the actual blog page located here. Until next time, Happy Shipping!