Transportation Services

Semi Tractor and Reefer Trailer

For enclosed freight our 53 ft trailer can haul up to 42,000lbs.

Sprinter Vans

For our enclosed freight or parcel products. Our temperature controlled sprinter vans can hold a maximum of 2,500 pounds.

Straight and Dump Trucks

Box trucks from 24, 26 or 40 feet. Also available are dump trucks for business in need to move asphalt, sand or gravel.

Hot Shot Trucks with Attached Flatbed Trailers

Our medium (1 ton) and large size (2 ton) duty trucks comes attached with a up to 40 ft flatbed trailer that can tow up to 20,000 pounds max.

            Freight Management

By utilizing cloud computing we are able to connect customers with reasonable and reliable carriers! Check out a few of our transaction services we offer!

  • Perform freight services according to company and government regulations
  • Plan and coordinate pick-up and delivery schedules
  • Track and report shipment status to customers
  • Maintain positive and productive relationships with customers
  • Identify qualified carriers for freight services
  • Work with shippers, carriers and dispatchers to manage the schdules
  • Ensure the freight contracts are completed and approved before transportation
  • Maintain freight flies and customer receipts for references purposes.

Quality Customer Service

Timeliness and Reliability  

We understand that our customer’s will have challenges and needs as it pertains to shipping requirements.  Our company prides itself on the ability to move our customer’s shipment reliably, timely and safely.

Building relationships!

At Insure we pride ourselves on making sure that our customer will have one point of contact on a sale. Establishing a one to one relationship prevents miscommunication and allows the relationship between broker/freight agent and customer to excel.

Communication is key!

Logistics professionals face numerous challenges in their day to day operations and we understand! We are proud to state by establishing a cloud based logistics company company we offer a magnitude of avenues of which our customers can communicate with us. From emails, instant messaging, text messages and phones we aim to streamline the process of gathering shipping requirements.

Risk Management

Surety Bond

Insure Logistics currently holds a $75,000 surety bond (Hudson Insurance Company) insured through Bryant Surety.  Before working with any brokers please make sure they obtained a BMC-84 or BMC-85 and the bond or trust fund is verified with the FMCSA. 

Carrier Rating Software  

We implement CarrierWatch as the cloud based software to gather ratings, insurance documents and a history of all trucks utilized by the carriers that move your freight. We perform an in depth analysis to ensure carriers are fully insured and able to handle the demands of the shipments.

Contingent Insurance

As an extra layer of protection we have obtained contingent cargo insurance . Contingent cargo insurance will likely add the layer a layer of protection on your freight if the carriers insurances presents an issue. Contingent insurance is not required by the US Department of Transportation but at Insure we go the distance to ensure our customer’s shipments are protected!


Tailswind TMS Software

Tailswind is rated as a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Captera rating for best transportation management software.  This all in one TMS allows us to streamline the process of connecting shippers with carriers.

Instant Freight Rates Tool 

Our Instant Freight Rates tool is our proprietary solution that will allow businesses to retrieve real time freight rates based on inputs of the shipment details.  This solution will save time for your logistics team by streamlining the process of obtaining a carrier for your shipments. Rates are based on real time data from DAT trendlines and reflect up to date circumstances impacting freight rates.

Digital Contracts

Tired of physically signing and having to email or fax back all the contracts associated with the transportation transaction done between you and the broker? Here at Insure we have our customers sign digital transportation contracts to  streamline the process of getting the transaction complete.