Solutions to increase distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines

We are in the midst of a pandemic unlike anything our nation have had to deal with in the last century. As of this week, America is sitting at 20 million COVID-19 cases and over 350k deaths.

Luckily, Pfizer and Moderna has provided us with some glimmer of hope by being the first pharmaceutical companies to be FDA approved for the manufacturing and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. 

As millions of vaccines (approx. 4.6 million) have already been distributed, I can’t help but think Pfizer and Moderna must increase the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines to help combat these unprecedented time.

How? Well it’s simple, increase distribution, add additional warehousing and increase the usage of smaller carriers to distribute the COVID-19 vaccines.

Add more carriers to approved list

What does UPS, FedEx, and Boyle Transportation all have in common. They just some of the few approved carriers distributing the critical Covid-19 vaccines across our nation.

Pfizer has developed a temperature controlled container housing the COVID-19 vaccines. These containers can maintain required temperature conditions for up to 10 days. Each container is the size of a carry-on suitcase and are loaded on to standard van trailers to be distributed to it’s destination .

With thousands of reputable, insured and licensed carriers in the nation why are Pfizer and Moderna only using a few “top dogs” carriers to combat a disease that have up rooted all of our lives?

Increase Warehouses usage

In many cases, we are seeing hospitals strapped for space to house the vaccines. Adding additional warehousing to hold the vaccines will become a critical aspect to increase distribution.

Increasing the number of warehouses holding the vaccines will allow for a more efficient just in time delivery strategy. Storing vaccines in nearby warehouses will help offset the increased demand of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Increase use of smaller carriers (sprinter van, box trucks)

As we roll out vaccines for the general public, an increased usage of smaller carriers will go a long way in seeing hospitals and physician offices are just a phone call away from restocking their shelves.

With limited spaces available in hospitals, it will become more important to add additional warehousing options that will allow carriers easy access to pick-up and drop-off to nearby hospitals.

Wrap it up

In order to cease the countless hardships COVID-19 has bought to many families in America, Pfizer and Moderna should aim to increase the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines.

As 4 million vaccines have already been distributed I can’t help but think why can’t we double that number in the same time-frame. Let’s get a hold of this pandemic by utilizing all adequate resources available to fight and ultimately end the COVID-19 pandemic.

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