Providing Value: What It Takes!

How is your logistics vendor providing value to your business? This is a critical question we should take in account when working with logistics service providers securing transporting services for your freight shipments. 

As we move forward into the 21st century it’s even more important to take in account analytical data for your business to make informed decisions. At the root of your operations is the cost of which you allocate to see your shipments are successfully fulfilled. If you have the ability to absorb data rates on your frequent shipment lanes why would you not?

Our free Instant Freight Rates tool saves every single rate secured, allowing you to make informed decisions on how much money you will need to allocate to specific shipment lanes. Again I ask, is your logistics providing giving you the tools you need to save money?

As a logistics service provider supplying innovate tools like our Instant Freight Rates we are simply asking you to use it! Use it to make inform decisions, use it to retrieve rates for your freight shipment, use it to counter your current logistics provider shipment rates, use it to secure your transportation services for your freight shipment.

The key is to Just Use It! It’s FREE!

If you think this tool provide value for your business, please do not hesitate to share with your fulfillment/operations team leaders or business partners! Any questions or thought please reply to this email. We also have a how to use our instant freight rates tool available here.