National Freight Trends: Aug 19th – 25th 2018

National Freight Trends: With Labor Day around the corner we are seeing a decrease in spot load rates. We’re seeing an increase in truckload demand with companies looking to fulfill before the holiday weekend. If you find this information useful please share, like or forward using our social media links. As always, please reach out to me at if you have any questions.

Trucks Type
Current Rates (Per Mile)
Previous Week

Van Trailer
$2.17  $2.18

Flatbed Truck
$2.68 ↓ $2.69

Reefer Truck
$2.50 ↓ $2.51

Rates are calculated by taking the mean of the current National rates from two respected load boards. These freight rates estimates displayed does not reflect the rates of freight that have special requirements.