National Freight Trends: Aug 12th – 18th 2018

Hey there! I just want to re-introduce you to our Freight Trends post. These posts that you exclusively see here will give you a snapshot of national rates for van trailers, flatbed, and reefer trucks. You can use these numbers as a baseline when negotiating rates with your brokers or carriers.

The numbers displayed are a mean average of data compiled from #1 and #2 load boards out there (DAT, 123 Loadboard). We encourage you to review our weekly freight trends before making any decision on securing carriers for your freight! Where else can you find a broker that provides you a snapshot of national trendlines for the week? As always, please reach out to with any questions you may have.

Aug 12th – 18th 2018

National Freight Trends: Vans, Flatbeds, and Reefer trucks continued to decline. Although rates are still up 20% compared to last year we expect to see an overall steady decline as we transition into Fall.

Trucks Type
Current Rates (Per Mile)
Previous Week

Van Trailer
$2.18  $2.22

Flatbed Truck
$2.69 ↓ $2.77

Reefer Truck
$2.51 ↓ $2.57

Rates are calculated by taking the mean of the current National rates from two respected load boards. These freight rates estimates displayed does not reflect the rates of freight that have special requirements.