Instant Freight Rate: When You Need It!

As a new year begins, we seek to provide our business partners with innovative ideas and solutions that will make their everyday work life more efficient. This year we present the Instant Freight Rate tool available for all our business partners FREE.

Innovative Solutions!

Over the next decade, we’ll continue to see a sharp increase in the retirements of the baby boomers. As technology continues to play an important role in businesses, it will be up to the next generation to lead the charge into the future.

All hopes lay with the millennial’s as we continue to seek solutions that will help businesses save time and money.

Check out the Instant Freight Rates solution by clicking here

Providing innovating solutions remains at the forefront of many Fortune 500 businesses core concepts. As a logistics service provider, we spent time analyzing how we can better help our partners save time and money.

Our Instant Freight Rates solution allows individuals to retrieve real time freight rates and secure a rate which starts an order for obtaining transportation services for your business shipments.

If time permits we encourage users to check out our video on how to use the Instant Freight Rates tool by clicking here.

What Solutions does Instant Freight Rates Solve?

  • Unlimited amount of freight rates retrieved.
  • Book a truck instantly be securing the rate retrieved.
  • No phone calls or emails to brokers asking to move a load.
  • No phone call or emails to brokers asking for a rate.
  • User friendly and intuitive user interfaces.  
  • Mobile Friendly (Android or Apple compatible).
  • No sign up needed unless the user wants to secure the rate.
  • Instant Freight Rates for your Hotshot and Truckload shipments.

Again, this solution is for you it was designed to help you save time, streamline your freight quoting process and obtain transportation services for your shipments.

Please consider recommending this solution to the appropriate team at your organization as an option to retrieve freight rates for your shipments.

We appreciate user feedback so we can continue to enhance the tool to best suit your organization.

If you have any questions, please email us at