Expedited Shipments: “In Case of Emergency Break Glass!”

Greetings friends,

After a long hiatus (busy times) on our posts we are happy to announce that we have joined a prestigious organization in the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance. Our goal for joining this great organization is to provide our prospects and clients with valuable information on how to make your business more successful.

Yes, we did this for you! Why you ask? Well as your residential hot shot broker our goal is to provide information to YOU that will make your job easier. Before we get into the TOP 5 SECRETS to more successful manufacturing please take a refresher on what we do and how we can help!

I am certain at some point we have all seen a fire extinguisher enclosed in a box with glass covering with the writing “In Case of Emergency Break Glass”. Well, we kind of offer the same services in a way! We are an expedited freight service company catering to manufacturers, distributors and wholesale supply businesses. We help YOU secure cost-efficient trucking services for you expedited shipments. Sounds simple right?

The concepts is simple but what is do you mean expedited? Expedited shipping is the process of speeding up the fulfillment process because of the time sensitive nature of the product being shipped! When do you need expedited shipments?

Expedited Shipment Reasons

  • Your customer requires your product ASAP!
  • An equipment on your production line malfunction and you need to receive need a new part ASAP.
  • You missed a load on a truck and need to get it to your customer ASAP.

As you can see the word ‘ASAP’ is prominent among the reasons for expedited shipments. We strongly encourage you to connect with an expedited freight service provide for just in case emergencies. It may not be used on a daily basis but when it’s needed it is needed! In Case of Emergency reach out to Insure Logistics!

Without further ado let’s get into the secrets to more successful manufacturing!

5 Secrets To More Successful manufacturing

  • Connect with manufacturing leaders across the state.
  • Learn ways to increase efficiency at other manufacturing businesses.
  • Build valuable relationships that increase your business.
  • Learn from manufacturing top industry experts.
  • Sell more products and services.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this blog or our expedited freight services we encourage you to reach out at ray.mcdonald@insurelogistic.com.