5 Ways to Save Money When Fulfilling Expedited Freight

To continue our series of top 5 ways, we’ll be jumping into ways to save when fulfilling expedited freight. Yea I get it, logistics professional rather keep their expedited freight to a minimum. We all know circumstances come up and there will be a need to fulfill this specialty type of freight. With that out of the way let’s jump into how you can save!

  1. Do not use your traditional LTL and TL broker or 3rd party logistics vendors!

Logistics professional typically prepare for fulfillment of their loads by sending a load document to their brokers or 3pl (3rd party logistics) requesting quotes. This will work all dandy when the loads list does not consists of expedited freight. Typically brokers or 3pl will work with a certain demographic within the transportation industry and may not be keen with fulfilling specialty type of freight. When prompting with fulfilling expedited freight loads, a broker or 3pl used to working TL and traditional LTL loads tends to shop the freight to the highest provider. If you intend of keeping your freight rate within a decent amount it is best if you work directly with a broker or 3pl that exclusively works with expedited freight.

  1. Plan in advance for your expedited loads (if possible).

In many cases logistics professional have no idea when an expedited freight would need fulfillment. In these particular cases, we understand that there is nothing that can be done to except find someone who can move the load. Sometimes logistics professionals are aware of expedited loads days before requested procurement. It is best to send over your expedited loads list to your expedited freight service providers soon as they come in to you. Why? Simply because every day counts, the same RPM quotes to you on Tuesday may be different Thursday. This is the type of violate market that we are in. Rain, snow, oil prices, and yes sometimes days can play a role in weather you get a decent or expensive rate.

  1. Provide all requirements of the expedited loads up front!

As simple as it sounds providing all of the critical requirements of the expedited loads up front will save you money! In some cases, we see a tarp was needed but the shipper did not disclose this information. This is important information to disclose because tarps are additional accessorial charges by carriers. Providing preferred pickup and drop off times also play a long role in saving the shipper money. We’re an advocate of gathering all details from our shippers to ensure the freight quote provided is on par with the expedited rates.

  1. Do not post freight on load boards!

This is really for shippers who do not work with brokers or a 3pl. Posting your expedited loads on a load board is flat out a terrible way to get the load covered. You may get it covered but I can assure you that you will most likely be coming out of your pocket more then you should. Carriers will swindle carriers with outrageous prices because load boards are usually last minute options when left with no choice.  If possible avoid posting your expedited freight to load boards.

  1. Use a specific expedited freight service provider

When you’re looking for expertise in a specific area you usually count on experts in the field to provide you answers you need. Well it’s no different in expedited freight procurement. It’s best to utilize a specific expedited fright service provider to fulfill your expedited freight needs. This service provider’s understand the nature of the time sensitive freight and have built contacts with in the business to provide you the best rate possible. As an expedited freight service provider Insure Logistics meets the requirements needed to fulfill shipper’s needs.

Hope you enjoyed our commentary on five ways to save when fulfilling expedited freight. As always, please reach out to us if you are in need of an expedited freight service provider that understands the requirements of what it takes to fulfill your expedited needs.