5 Reasons Why Adding an Expedited Freight Service Provider Improves Operations

This topic is for all logistics professionals who deal with one or several business areas in the order to cash
procurement. It takes a deep dive look into why adding an expedited freight service provider improves
operations. Without further ado let’s jump in!

5. You are covered during unexpected circumstances!
Working in manufacturing we have all experienced unexpected circumstances! A machine stops working,
a truck break down, a coworker didn’t push the order as you requested. All of though scenarios can cause
delays in shipments causing potential rifts with you customer. The most effective way to resolve these
issues and accommodate the customer is adding an expedited freight service provider to your business.
When time is critical in getting products to your customer you are able to lean on your expedited service
provider to transport the product to its destination in a timely manner. This leads me to think the old
saying holds true it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. It just does not stop with one expedited load!
As a logistics professional, every Monday your goal would be to organize your orders and loads in a
specific way for procurement. Sorry to burst your bubble but this is not the reality! Customers fall in a
hierarchy on your “important” list. If customer (A) requests products sent out ASAP and this is a top
customer you’ll surely give their order the priority over Customer (B) who may not purchase as many
products. This is a never ending cycle that shipping leads have to deal with. It’s critical that businesses
work with a service provider with dependable expedited services. When it comes to soaking up
knowledge in any area your best bet would be listening to what an expert in the area has to say. While
these loads may not happen often you’ll feel comfortable knowing that you have a reputable expedited
freight service that can aid you in the process of delivering your customer’s needs.

3. Adding an expedited freight services will solve a need!
The reality is we need the ability to give the customer what they want ASAP. Just in time inventory
strategies are running rampant and it seems the fewer inventory held the better operations will be. The
faster you’re able load and unload products the more satisfied customers will be. Going to your LTL and
TL carriers for this request may result in your freight bill being doubled sometime triple your freight bill.
Why? A lot of the times these dedicated LTL and TL carriers do not have the capability to fulfill your
requirement so they shop your rate until they can find a service provider. Having an expedited freight
carrier service under your belt will give you peace knowing that you can fulfill the customer’s request.

2. We’re a value added service (time sensitive delivery service)
Unlike traditional LTL freight loads, expedited loads are time sensitive commodity that requires
transporting the commodity to its destination in a timely manner. When dealing with your customers who
do not have the time to wait 3 or 4 days for a traditional LTL load an expedited freight service provider
should be ready and willing to help you facilitate the load. Providing this service to your customers will
show them that you have the ability to fulfill any time sensitive requests.

1. Improves Customer relationships
Let’s be honest, the key to consistently achieving high quality operations remarks is fulfilling your
customer needs no matter how difficult it seems. Being hit with an expedited order sometimes leads to
logistics managers scrambling. Do you fulfill your customer needs by reaching out to your current LTL
and Truckload carriers? You shouldn’t! (I explained why in #3) The key is adding an expedited freight
service provider that can fulfill your expedited freight requested by your customers. We should be keen
on selecting experts in certain areas. Would you expect an associate on the marketing team to diagnose
why you’re unable to log into your computer? Probably not! The point we’re making is expedited loads
requires a different type of expertise. At Insure Logistics were keen on the communications and details it
takes to fulfill these types of loads.

I hope you have enjoyed our top 5 reasons why adding an expedited freight service provider to your
business can aid you in operation. As the owner of an expedited freight service provider we hope that you
consider us next time you need to fulfill an expedited load!