2019 Outlook of Hotshot Shipments


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We are ecstatic to announce our 1st blog post of 2019! We are welcoming in the New Year with a renewed focus and drive to make your daily life of managing hotshot shipments easier.

As the New Year begins, were deciding to take a deep look into a portion of the freight shipping business that seems to be the most challenging for logistics professional all around hotshot shipments.

Before taking a nose dive into the topic I want to welcome all new readers to my freight broker blog.

For though who are new, this blog is tailored for logistics professional who manage day to day operations of freight shipments. We provide weekly need to know information about managing/forging relationships with freight brokers in addition keep you up to speed on industry news.

Quite frankly, we aim to provide you information that will ease your burden of managing freight shipment.

In between my blog work, I happen to be the owner of Insure Logistics. What we do at Insure Logistics is simple; we help businesses secure trucking services for hotshot shipments of freight. Our goal is simply transporting and delivering your commodity as claim free at a cost competitive rate. Simple as it get right?

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Connecting with freight brokers..

I have detailed in this post why all logistics professional responsible for freight management should have contacts with honest freight brokers.

With less truckers on the road, working with freight brokers will allow you to extend your network of contacts to fulfill shipments. With that out of the way, let’s have a deeper look into the outlook of hotshot freights.

Ladies and Gentleman, we are at a crisis in the trucking industry! When I say crisis I may be over exaggerating a tad but there is definitely cause of concern.

Our beloved truck drivers are becoming more obsolete than ever before. Baby boomer drivers are retiring at a fast pace and millennials are not that interested in becoming drivers. How does this impact us?

Increased Rates!

Well for one, rates will continue to soar, if there are 20 loads to 1 truck, the carriers will have their choice on what load to move and will most likely take the highest paying load of the choices.

Sitting On Inventory.

Inventory will continue to sit in your warehouse all because you cannot find a truck with enough capacity to fulfill the order. If you’re a logistics professional we know that holding inventory in stock rather than getting shipments out can be a detriment to business.

Irate customers!

Aw customers, the backbone of our businesses. Think about the scenario where you closed on a larger order but you cannot get the order shipped because there are no tucks available.

How do you think the customer will feel when a $6,500 order cannot get fulfilled because of no available trucks? I can tell you it might get ugly.

So how is the shortage of drivers impacting hotshot freights?
Hotshot freight is defined as freight that needs to reach its destination in an expedited fashion. There are many reasons why hot shot freights exists unexpected circumstances, customer requirements, or maybe your boss want you to add a time-sensitive delivery service to your options.

The outlook is great for hotshot shipments. Business will continue to use this form of shipping to cater to the needs of their customers. Unfortunately, it is becoming harder with each passing day to connected with drivers that have available capacity to meet your needs

With the shortage of drivers continuing to play a big role in freight rates we are strongly encouraging our logistics readers to work with repeatable freight brokers with contacts in the industry that can help you in fulfilling you hotshot freight needs!

Instead of spending time to on Google searching for freight brokers, please consider contacting us for your freight needs as we look forward to helping and sharing as much knowledge as we can!

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